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TWT والو

1956 ع کان وٺي، TWT شين شهري پاڻي جي فراهمي جي شعبن ۾ شاندار ڪاميابين ۽ حوض، گندي پاڻي جو علاج، او، بجلي، تيل، ڪيميائي، metallurgy، گرمي، ٻيڙيون، دوا، ڪاغذ ۽ ٻين شعبن کي پيدا ڪيو آهي. جي مصنوعات جي آمريڪا، ڪئناڊا، فرانس، جرمني ۽ پوء تي ۾ وڌيڪ 70 ملڪن ڪپڙا

جي باري ۾ ڪمپني

TWT has excellent senior technical R & D teams, equipped with advanced precision equipment R & D center and test center, with more than and 50 years of accumulated technology, R & D and manufacturing high quality, energy saving and environmental protection high-tech products Is the company’s R & D standard TWT. TWT development and production of the product has won more than and 20 patents and dozens of national awards, and is the founder of the Ministry of machinery industry valve production standard.


TWT خاصيت نظام ۽ معيار يقين

We regard products safety and reliable quality as the Enterprise’s soul; in China valve industry, we are the first obtaining ISO 9001 certificates issued by DNV: 2008 Quality System Certification; and we also got EU Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC (CE certification And factory certification by CCS.


TWT خدمت جي ضمانت

We are always engaging in training technical personnel to ensure that customers can enjoy the best services of the Industry. Our service professionals are with rich experiences in installation, debugging and maintenance; and products are with spare parts inventory. We guarantee that we can contact you And give you reply within 48 hours after receiving quality complaints or technical support request from customers at any area in the world. You can well believe, here, you can enjoy unprecedented high-quality services.


TWT بنيادي اهميت حاصل

"ايمان، خاصيت ۽ بدعت" TWT ڪمپني جي بنيادي اهميت حاصل آهي

هن جو قدر نظام صرف 1956 ع ۾ جڏهن TWT جي آغاز جي حيثيت به ساڳئي طور تي، ڪمپني جي خيالن ۽ هنر جو بنياد وڌو آهي.

سان رابطو ڪريو Aichi

اسان جي پروڊڪٽس يا pricelist جي باري ۾ جاچ لاء، اسان کي توهان جي اي ميل ڇڏي ڪريو ۽ اسان کي رابطي ۾ 24 ڪلاڪن اندر ٿي ويندو.
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